Incredible Luscious cake

Incredible Luscious cake

“Life is like a unicorn cake; in every slice you’ll taste the multiple ingredients.”

When we talk about an image is flourished in our mind of a delicious cake. The cake which is made up of flour, sugar, milk and many more multiple ingredients. The charming face of cake is its varicolored and vibrant part which fills every occasion with joy. Cake is usually baked and good for health. This dessert includes pastries, pies, meringues (dessert) and many more. Cakes are the modification of bread of ancient times. Now days, Celebrations are incomplete without cake. Cake is celebratory dish on birthday, ceremonial, official, and anniversary occasions. We can say a cake is a token of sharing happiness and success with our loved ones. Furthermore the wide varieties of cakes are available at present. Cake’s presence in a happy occasion makes it memorable and delightful. The sugar- coated slice sweetened your tongue.

Tale of antiquity of cake



“The sweetness of a cake sweetened your tongue.”

Cake has a long history. The origin of the term ‘cake’ is from Old Norse word “kaka” of Viking origin. In ancient Greek it is known as ‘Plakous’ which means flat. They baked cake by using flour, eggs, milk, nuts and honey. In Rome, the basic bread dough made of butter, eggs and honey. The honey is the only ingredient use in ancient times to sweeten the cake. Whereas the bread, butter and egg make the baking process easier. During renaissance the sponge cakes were origin in Spain. During Great Depression, the cake-bread mixture was originated to meet with the need of time. These cake lines in a box were made to provide easy food to economically depressed people. As the time fleet, housewives bring this recipe in their home. Now cake making becomes an easy task.


Diversification of cakes


Diversification of cakes is mainly depending on its primary ingredients and mixing techniques. There are several classification of cakes are as : Butter cakes, Sponge Cakes, Chiffon Cakes, Coffee cake, Cheese Cake, Flourless chocolate cake , Fruit cake , and many more. Now if we go in brief, Butter cake includes creamy butter, sugar, eggs and flour ingredients. Whereas sponge cake which is also known as foam cake made from whipped eggs, sugar and flour. Chiffon cakes are similar to foam cake including vegetable oil to add moistness. If we are talking about chocolate cake it is love of many people. Chocolate cake includes chocolate and cocoa powder as main ingredients with other. Cheese lovers have the cheese cakes made of creamy cheese with added flour. Cheese cakes are the ancient dessert with honey-sweetened ingredient. There is a traditional yeast cake which includes pastries such as babka and stolen.


Special- ceremonial cake

At present every occasion becomes delightful with the presence of cake. As now we get wide variety of cakes as per specific occasion. The skilled bakers classified the cakes according to the occasions. Every occasion like; wedding, Birthday, retirement, anniversary, Christmas, Halloween have their own theme cake. The wide variety of cake makes a special occasion memorable. The cake -bakers are very skilled now days. They will decorate the cake according to specific occasion or theme. Now the wide variety of theme and picture cakes is available at present. The skilled and talented bakers put their art in their baking to make the special occasion delightful. Even the vibrant colors of cake make it more beautiful. The ceremonial cakes create a delightful environment in the ceremony. The theme based cake is a center of attraction of the party.


Variant shapes of cake and its decoration

Most probably cakes are described as their physical formation. As it depends on its consumption. Cakes may be small or large as per the consumers’ requirements. Usually, in social functions, it is served in a slice as a part of the meal. The variant common shapes of cakes are Bundt cakes, cake balls, cupcakes, Swiss rolls, sheet cakes, and so on. The unending variations of cakes make it incredible. If we talk about the decoration of cakes it includes icing, frosting, and toppings. Toppings are such as sprinkles, nuts, Choco chips, gems, sugar candies, and many more. The decoration of the cake includes sprinkles and even prints of pictures methods. The pictures are transferred onto a cake. Special tools are required for complex cake decorations. The piping bags, syringes, decorative molds such as flower petals, leaf, star, basket, and drop are used for decoration.

The special silver dust is sprinkled on chocolate cake. Floral sugar craft and various sugar candies are used in cake icing. The dry nuts such as almond, cashew are used in it to provide a healthy look. The dried fruits are used in fruit cake. The fruits like strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and cherry or crystallized fruits are used in garnishing of cake. What type of cake do you like?

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