Bacon Fat Popcorn
$ 4.5
THE Fries
$ 4.5
$ 4.5
$ 8

Fries, farm cheese ale gravy, and lardon crisps.

Goat Cheese Mousse
$ 7

Ember garlic, pepper jam, grill cracker.

Grilled Oysters
$ 11

Black garlic, pickled corn, chives.

Chopped Beef
$ 9

Quick cured sirloin, egg, mustard, cheddar, bacon jam.

Chicken Lollipops
$ 6

Marinated chicken wing lollipops; Vadouvan, Maple Sesame, Gunpowder.

Lobster Taco
$ (2)9 / (4)18

Tortilla, lobster, cucumber salsa, adobo sauce.


Salads add Chicken+2, Candied Bacon+3, Shaved Pork Loin+4, Grilled Scallops+6, Local Tofu +4

Seafood Stew
$ 6/8

With house grilled bread. Cup/Bowl

$ 9

Kale, honey charred carrot, quinoa, radish, pickled onion, feta, vadouvan vinaigrette.

$ 9

Kale, crouton, parmesan crisp, pickled red onion, Caesar.

$ 9

Blistered tomato, beet pickled egg, crouton, cucumber, shredded caccio al tartuffo, roast beet dressing.

$ 9

Sorrel, chervil, grilled pear, grape, pickled red onion, pepita brittle, garlic vinaigrette.

Knife & Fork

$/$: Lunch/Dinner Portion

Rouladen Perogi
$ 15/18

Perogi of spit rotisserie beef, bacon, pickle and cheddar; blistered tomato, fermented mustard seed, herb pistou.

Vintage Butchery Chop
$ 14/17

Smoked pork loin chop, seasonal reduction, pickled squash skin relish.

Hobo Dinner
$ 14/17

Pollock, spinach, pickled squash skin, tomato, herb relish.

Pork Belly & Dumplings
$ 14/17

Grilled kluski, kale kraut, perfect yolk.

Curried Quinoa
$ 11/14

Spinach, charred carrots, feta, mint.

Koji Aged Strip
$ 15/18

Aged local beef, pickled mushroom, ember onion, bacon compound.

Frenched Chicken
$ 14/17

Citrus herb crusted chicken breast, red cabbage, candied tomato glaze.

Fisherman’s Pie
$ 16/18

Lobster, scallops, dayboat fish, collard greens, carrot, turmeric cream, sweet corn gastrique, pastry.


Coal Roast Seasonal Veg
$ 3.5

Brown butter glaze.

Kale Salad
$ 3.5

Shredded kale, turmeric vinaigrette, feta, pepita crunch.

Carrot Dauphinoise
$ 3.5

Potato with carrot and turmeric cream.

Grilled Seasonal Squash
$ 3.5

With dragoncello.

Side Fries
$ 2.5


$ 9

Pork, ham, swiss, pickle, spicy mustard.

$ 9

House grind, bacon butter, mushroom caviar, cheddar, herb aioli.

The ``Other`` Burger
$ 8

Chicken & bacon patty, horseradish apple kraut, tomato confit aioli, Swiss, spinach.

Grilled Cheese
$ 7

Herb cream cheese, swiss, cheddar, tomato. Ham +2

Vegetable Tartine
$ 8

Herb cheese spread, spinach, roast pepper, micro greens, blistered tomato vinaigrette.

Did You Save Room?

Grilled Doughnuts
$ 5

Cider glaze, blueberry compote.

House Ice Cream
$ 5

Ask about today’s flavors.

Ice Box Cake
$ 6

Chocolate, mascarpone, vanilla, Kahlua, espresso, caramel pavlova.

Bark N Brittle
$ 5

Assortment of house made bark and brittles.

Many dishes have gluten-free and vegetarian options.  Ask your server for made to order details.