Our Story

Live out your passion—or at least try. ‘Life’s too short’ is the overused saying. The comfort of a daily routine can keep us locked down. Yes, there are risks involved in uprooting all you know in this pursuit, but if the timing is right: go for it. …And so began Nibblesworth.

We went for it. Jenny’s dream was to be the chef of her own restaurant. After getting married the time was right to try. Work began (lots and lots of preparation), jobs were quit, and earthly possessions along with two cats and a fish we moved a thousand miles away. Portsmouth is a vibrant and passionate community with an innovative food scene to which we are proud to be accepted into and contribute our part.

Enjoy. Nibblewell.

Tom & Jenny Nelson

The Hill

Located in Portsmouth’s historic North End, The Hill, once a prominent Italian neighborhood, is comprised of 12 buildings saved during the Vaughan Street Urban Renewal Project (1968-1970). Only four buildings remain on their original foundation, one being the Nutter-Rymes House, while the rest were re-located here.


Nutter-Rymes House

Built in 1809 by local joiner and carpenter James Nutter with Christopher Rymes, a local merchant and land speculator, the house is comprised of two separate buildings, which mirror each other, and are joined together by a carriageway.


Nibblesworth was formed out of love for food and sharing that love with others. We aim for 90% of our menu to be made from scratch using fresh, local ingredients as best we can.

Our Chef

Making her Restaurateur debut, Jenny achieves a lifelong dream. Through the years, she has worked diligently to create a well-rounded portfolio that would prepare her for this ultimate goal. Starting with counting down the days until her first job working as banquet staff at a local university, to a formal college education where she dual enrolled in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, including an internship at the Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, she has had every job at every style of food service establishment imaginable.

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